Rules & Regulation

Update: 23/11/2021

You're required to read those rules carefully before starting this award. This system is only valid for Training and Exam reports.

  1. You can report only 1 pirep a day
  2. You're required a valid email address in order to report a pirep
  3. You have to wait 5 minutes before take off and after landing for tracker purpose
  4. If you were already connected to the network, before flying this tour, you must disconnect first and then reconnect. It is recommended to use a different callsign
  5. After having flown a leg, you must disconnect before flying again
  6. Flights are obtained through a different system that can require up to 72 hours to process data. In order to your flight to be displayed you're required to:
    • Depart, fly and land while online on the network
    • In case of disconnection, reconnect within 15 minutes
    • Do not change your callsign when connected
    • Depart or land into an italian airport
  7. You have 15 days to send a pirep for the event
  8. Once you reach the number of flights to get the award, there's no need to send an email. The membership Department will be informed and issued the award in the following 24/48 hours.
  9. If you can't find a training or an exam in the list, means you can't send a pirep for that event.
  10. If you can't find your flight and you waited 72 hours, check it complies with all the requirements at point 6. If you think is a mistake, contact IT-WM/AWM and report the issue.
  11. The mimimum flight (airborne) time must be 30 minutes
  12. Use of voice communications through TeamSpeak is mandatory
  13. The comment section is available only to report any problem you had during the flight (disconnection, server problem, callsign change, etc..) and it must not be used to comment the trainee performance or to point out any mistake made during the training/exam. Any comment made to the training session will lead to the pirep being rejected.

Additional info

You may be temporarily or permanently excluded from this tour or your pirep may be rejected if :

  • You simulate emergency without having previously coordinated with the local trainer/examiner
  • You cause disruption to the examiner/examinee with unnecessary requests
  • You deliberately violate an IVAO rule

The pirep can be validated or rejected at staff discretion. Any query it may raise regarding a reject must be asked via email to the validator.